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Case Studies

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How can health organizations deliver the best patient experience while at the same creating workflow efficiency and ensuring data privacy?

Our solutions take the complexity out of document-based processes and deliver a better patient experience at lower cost.

  • Make patient appointment easy and simple with quick online schedules and entry details.

  • Provide easy but secured access to patience records online anywhere and anytime.

  • Enable your Pharmacy to get quick and reliable Patient Prescription notifications and details.

Streamline all different types of patience records onto a single platform for easy retrieval and traceability.


The financial sector is nowadays driven on information management and competitiveness. National legal requirements require highly secured and efficient technology solutions. Is your financial institution deploying IT solutions, driving down processing costs and improving on your customer experience?


We offer intelligent data and document capture solutions on all levels of the business, from new customer onboarding to loan application as well as administrative workflows.


Our solutions:

  • Enable you to digitize your administrative workflows so that you have an edge over your competition.

  • Enable you to streamline and expedite your account opening process from paper based to online to quickly sign-up new customers.

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Having data about farm production and farmer performance digitally offers indispensable opportunities for farmers and agricultural organizations working with farmers, such as increased production, access to loans, tackling of child labour, deforestation and more.


How can a digital solution scale up your sustainability project?

  • Mobile data collection solutions for field inspections, field reporting, monitoring and evaluation activities

  • Data processing and reporting software for certified producer organizations to digitize their internal management system

  • Survey development (incl. internal inspection form design) and development of farmer assessments


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Educational institutions can save valuable time of their lecturers by deploying automated and digital testing solutions. No need for manual marking anymore with the availability of affordable technology. Besides the time-saving aspect, data security and tackling of examination malpractices, drive the need for technology in the educational sector.  


We offer:

  • Automated exam marking and assessment solutions for any educational institutions and licensure examinations

  • Test development workshops

  • Item bank software for improved assessment development

Custom-designed software development e.g. for student information management

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Most government agencies have to deal with high volumes of paper on a daily basis. What can our solution do to drive the governments digitization agenda? Solution: turn paper problems into a streamlined and cost-saving scan-to-file solution.


  • Capture thousands or millions of documents now captured digitally each year, eliminating high paper-storage costs and misplaced/lost documents

  • Efficiency, simultaneous document access, constituent and employee satisfaction all receive significant boosts

  • Freedom of Information Act requests and survey document requests now fulfilled faster

  • Proper records retention policy now easier to enforce and secure wired network connectivity enhances compliance and overall system integrity


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The international development sector has been seeing an increased penetration of ICTs into programming. Development of policies and digital solutions that address privacy and data security in digital development are nowadays a must. These privacy and security measures do not only apply to digital technologies itself but are increasingly about responsible practices in handling data by individuals linked to international development organizations.


Does your Program staff know how to work with digital tools and how to treat personal data?


We offer:

  • Mobile data collection solutions

  • Survey development

  • ICT4D consultancy

Enumerator trainings on interview skills and responsible use of data

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We offer tailored solutions for offline site-inspections and digitizing of large drawings and maps.


  • Mobile data collection solutions.

  • Wide format scanning solutions.

  • Scanning services.

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