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Versatile data collection tool for field teams

Looking for an affordable and intuitive data collection solution to take care of all your data collection needs?

The Poimapper data collection and reporting solution is an excellent choice to improve your organisations information management processes.


The solution offers a variety of data collection tools such as an offline app for mobile devices (incl. SMS and USSD integration), online survey platform and a community reporting feature.

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Tailored data collection solutions for research and field work

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Overview of features

Form Builder to create your own electronic forms from scratch. Incl. advanced features such as calculated values, skip logic and dynamic tables

User management

Standard and customized reports. Reports are automatically populated with the data you collect.

Scheduler to plan data collection activities

Assign and monitor tasks to Enumerators by means of task templates

Other advanced features such as sub-forms, monitoring forms, capturing video and audio, attaching of images and video

Online survey platform to create your online survey campaigns

Local installation possible

Offline app for iOS, Android and Windows

Available in multiple languages

Data import and export

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Use cases of our customers 

Field surveys
Baseline surveys, monitoring activities, quantitative research, risk assessments.

Online surveys
customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, employee leave forms.

Farmer assessments, student assessments.

Inventory counting, traffic counting.

Farm inspections, site inspections

Organized Desk
Organized Desk


The Poimapper is available in two versions:

1. LIGHT for organisations that only collect online and offline data with simple forms.

2. PRO for organisations that have a need for more complex digital form design, including online questionnaires and electronic forms.


We have a flexible pricing structure, from pay-per-upload to yearly subscription fees. Contact us for a price quote for your organization.

Organized Desk

Survey development

Development of questionnaires, inspection forms, testing and assessment forms


Areas of expertise: M&E, ICT4D, sustainable agriculture, digitization of internal processes and work flows, digitization of testing and assessment processes

We carry out data collections projects from A – Z including provision of software, Enumerators and data analysis and report writing

Field data collection


End user training software

Data collection and interview techniques training for Enumerators

Tech support

Think! Data offers first line tech support to Poimapper customers in West Africa

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