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Open Bee & components

Deployable on premise or in the Cloud, Open Bee Digital Platform enables your organization to roll out new digital business processes.


With Open Bee your organization can get control over business documents and create a platform for your employees to work collaboratively on documents.


The possibilities are limitless:

sales documents, invoices, customer service documents, insurance claims and more.


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Manage and share your documents in a secured document management system

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Below a few case studies that will give more insight into how the Open Bee solutions works. The Open Bee Digital Platform is all about giving you the ability to get away from costly and unproductive paper-based processes by implementing a new and better way of managing information.

Open Bee Use Cases:

  • Invoice processing​

  • Employee onboarding

  • Management of medical records

  • Management of client records in banking and insurance industries

  • Customer complaints processing

  • Management of sales documents

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Wondering if it makes sense financially to implement a document management solution?

Use this tool to calculate the cost and the savings of a DMS within your organization.

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