Experts in Data Collection and Information Management Solutions

Document Capture & Management Solutions

For medium to large organizations to optimize their document-based processes and improve collaboration between staff and external stakeholders

Educational Technology Solutions

Testing and assessment software i.c.w. OMR & Imaging scanners, for example for exams, evaluations, HR assessments and quantitative surveys

Mobile Data Collection Solutions

Innovative, high-end mobile data collection solutions for field teams or online surveys.


Data processing & analysis solutions

Specialized software for form processing and data analysis with best practices in agricultural and educational sectors

Think! Data Services is a data solutions provider that’s on a mission to help African organizations digitize their data and documents. We offer solutions for  document capture, document management, data collection and data analysis.

By partnering with a selection of reputable brands in the area of data collection and document management we are able to offer first-class data solutions including (customized) software, hardware, the required support and advisory services.


We also provide outsourcing services for document digitization, data processing and data collection. Ideal for organizations that don’t have the required in-house expertise or IT-solution or want to focus on their core activities.

Contact one of our experts at our Ghana or Nigeria office for a free consult or a demo of one of our solutions.


Our partners

Data Collection Services

Looking for an experienced partner to outsource data collection activities?

We team up with field experts and have trained enumerators throughout Ghana

Baseline surveys

Monitoring and evaluations

Social surveys

Field Inspections

Think Document Digitization Services

For digitizing standard (A4) and exception documents (A3, books, ID cards, etc.)

Ideal or organizations that have a large back-log of paper documents that need to be digitized

Edumetric Exam Marking & Assessment Solution

Easy-to-use educational software with no yearly renewal fees. I.c.w. OMR & Imaging scanners.

Objective tests

Assessments and evaluations

School surveys

Student attendance

AuditAide farm inspection & reporting software

for certified farmer groups as part of voluntary certification schemes

Professional internal inspection forms

Farmer assessment module with automated corrective action letters

Performance tracking on farm and farmer level

I.c.w. paper forms and/or mobile application for data collection

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