Affordable and easy-to-use data collection and data analysis solution for certified producer groups

AuditAide is a low-cost and low-tech software solution designed for farmer-based organisations that are engaged in group certification of sustainability standards.

The software complements the Internal Management System (IMS) of certified farmer groups, which is a basic requirement for their certification program.

Many smaller farmer groups face challenges to set up and maintain an efficient IMS and in most cases there is not enough budget for software. For those groups AuditAide is an ideal solution to further professionalize their certification program without making large investments.

The three main AuditAide components are:

  • Data collection tool
    Automated form processing solution and/or a mobile data collection solution
  • Data processing and analysis software
    Including a data processing module, farm(er) assessment module and a reporting module
  • AuditAide roadmap
    A methodology to assist the Group with setting up a suitable strategy for execution of the IMS, how to design good data collection forms, how to analyse and how to write reports.
AuditAide roadmap

THINK Data provides a methodology for easy implementation of an improved data collection, data processing and data analysis system. This methodology is in line with the requirements of most existing sustainable agriculture standards, such as UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance or FairTrade. Below the basis steps or stages of our roadmap.


Different processes AuditAide can be used for:

  • Internal inspections
  • Farm assessments
  • Farmer surveys
  • Yield assessments
  • Other activities that require field data collection
  • Simple IMS document management


Internal Standard 

Development of Internal Standard and other training materials

Form design

Smart form design for internal inspections in line with criteria of the Standards


Communication skills and data collection training for field staff

Field data collection

With mobile devices or scanner readable forms

Data processing 

Data cleaning and automated assessment of inspection forms

Data analysis 

Analyse data with standard and customized reports for improved decision making