Edumetric Exam Marking & Quality Assessment solution 

Improve testing and assessment processes with the Edumetric Exam Marking & Quality Assessment Solution

  • Save lecturers' valuable time by digitizing examination and assessment processes
  • Release test results faster
  • Get students' opinion to improve the quality of education
  • A professional testing and assessment solution with excellent ROI

Edumetric is an Exam Marking & Quality Assessment solution for educational institutions that want to professionalize their testing and assessment processes. With Edumetric, educators can mark tests or score assessments instantly and easily create reports on the results and export data for further analysis or online publications.

It offers a variety of useful features:

  • Scan student answer sheets fast and instantly score test results
  • Create overview lists, graphs and diagrams per test, course and student in just a few clicks
  • Print scores on answer sheets
  • Keep an unlimited number of student names and IDs in one database
  • Create response distribution, difficulty- and discrimination indexes to analyse student performance
  • Process and analyze evaluations and surveys to improve your courses
  • Keep digital files of all student tests
  • Email test results to students/ lecturers
  • Export data in Excel ,CSV or XML-files for further processing
  • Import test results online for scoring
  • Maintain an attendance tracking module to analyze student attendance

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data collection and information management

Edumetric is compatible with OMR & Imaging scanners from Scantron Corp US and Document Imaging scanners from Alaris Kodak. Visit our OMR & Imaging page for more information about the scanners.

Document Imaging technologies

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