Design your own form processing applications
with Scantools Prisma

Easily create custom applications to capture color image or OMR data for single- or multiple-page forms with little to no programming expertise required

ScanTools Prisma provides the accuracy of OMR data and the ability to gather critical images—all in a single pass through the scanner. Scantron ImageFlex™, ScanFlex™, and the optional Advanced Character Recognition modules offer additional scanning and imaging options.

ScanTools Prisma is menu-driven for easy scanner interface setup. Using point-and-click controls, you can quickly define the data collection areas on a standard or custom designed scannable form and specify the format and location for the output file.

Overview of features

  • Built-in ImageFlex technology for rapid, simultaneous pencil or ink OMR data and image capture
  • Built-in ScanFlex technology for flexible scanning of forms printed to lower tolerances, such as plain paper forms
  • Identify images areas on forms to "clip" and archive for later retrieval—ideal for capturing signatures, short answers, and "show your work areas" on tests
  • Improved image archiving
  • Define unique edit criteria each time you scan
  • Add constants to each record
  • Set output file location and format for easy import into application software
  • Score while you're scanning (if you're scanning an assessment form)
  • Batch score by appending data to your original scan file
  • Save your scan profile for reuse at a later date

Download the Scantool Prisma brochure here for more technical details.