Below an overview of our brochures and tutorials of our data collection and data managing solutions, including information sheets of a selection of Scantron US OMR & Imaging scanners.

General Brochures

Think Data Services Company Profile

Data Collection Solutions Brochures

AuditAide webbrochure

Edumetric Exam marking and Quality Assessment solution

Poimapper webbrochure


Data Management Solutions

Open Bee WebBrochure

Think Data Document Management Solutions brochure

Alaris Kodak Document Scanners

Alaris S2050, 2060, 2070 series

Scantron Scanners

EZ Data web brochure

OpScan4es Data sheet

iNSIGHT 700c Data sheet

iNSIGHT4ES Data sheet

OPSCAN16 Data sheet

iNSIGHT150 Data sheet

iNSIGHT-1500c Data Sheet


iNSIGHT700C introduction video

Alaris Kodak S2000 series

AuditAide introduction video

Poimapper introduction video