Powerful OMR & Imaging solutions
for digitization of tests, assessments and surveys


Think! Data Services is an expert in designing testing and assessment solutions in combination with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and imaging technologies.

Around the world many people known OMR technology from the time they were a student, filling their exam ‘bubble sheets’. But Think Data Services goes beyond the development of classic OMR applications for exams.

Example solutions that we have developed for our customers:

  • Exam marking applications,
  • Lecturer and course evaluations,
  • Educational high-stake assessments,
  • Farm(-er) assessments for sustainability programs,
  • Employee or expert assessments,
  • Language testing,
  • Custom-designed survey processing applications.

Our testing and assessment solutions typically comprise of:

Our assessment and OMR services

  • OMR form design (e.g. student answer sheets, questionnaires or assessment forms)
  • Facilitation in (local) printing of OMR forms
  • OMR application development (for customized form processing)
  • Scanner maintenance services
  • Software support
  • Bulk scanning of answer sheets
  • Rental of OMR and Imaging scanners