Our Services

Data collection services

We offer full-service solutions for data collection processes such as monitoring and evaluations, baseline studies, field inspections and other field data collection activities. Our services include:

  • field data collection (we have contracted enumerators throughout the region)
  • online desk research (for example for market research)
  • report writing

Data processing services

Processing of bulk data can really be a tedious job. Especially if it is not part of your core activities. THINK Data offers outsourcing services for data processing activities such as:

  • application development for form processing solutions
  • document scanning
  • data entry
  • data cleaning
  • data visualization
  • report writing

Document Digitization

We offer document digitization services to customers that want to digitize their back log of paper documents in order to go digital.

We can digitize standard and exemption documents.

Software support

Our team has all the needed skills to offer the required tech support for the products that we sell on the West African market. We offer 1st- line tech support and online or in-house user training for office and field staff.





Expert advice

Our experts can perform in-house assessments and give professional advice on how your organisation can convert its data into meaningful information.







Other areas of expertise

  • Internal Management Systems of certified farmer groups in sustainable agriculture
  • assessment and testing solutions
  • monitoring and evaluations
  • form processing solutions (with Optical Mark Recognition and Optical Character Recognition)
  • mobile data collection solution

Training & Workshops

We provide the following training as part of our software solutions:

  • enumerator training
  • survey development training
  • product training

We also organize workshops that complement the data solutions we offer:

  • item development workshop for educational institutions
  • survey development workshop for NGOs and farmer groups

Contact us

Contact us for a free consult. One of our experts will give you personalized advice how THINK Data can assist with improving your organizations’ data needs.