Professional survey bureau for field surveys and online survey campaigns

Think! Data Services has all the required tools and expertise to design, collect and process your online survey campaigns and field surveys.

With the help of the Poimapper data collection tool we design applications for surveys, inspections and other data driven processes. The applications are uploaded on tablets in order to collect data with an offline app. We deploy the Poimapper also for our online survey campaigns, example for customer satisfaction surveys.

For field data collection activities TDS works with a group of trained enumerators who are located throughout the country allowing us to assist projects with national data collection activities in Ghana.


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Our data collection services can be divided in 3 phases (unless agreed upon otherwise with our partners).


  • Design of a software application for data cleaning and analysis
  • Design of a digital questionnaire



  • Carry out field data collection with trained enumerators or start an online survey campaign
  • Upload the forms to a cloud-based portal or scan the questionnaires with a professional OMR & Imaging scanner



  • Clean and validate the data
  • data analysis and report writing
  • Deliver the data and/or reports to the customer