Do you want your business to become a paperless environment?

Start digitizing your documents with intelligent document capture software for quick document retrieval and improved information management

Does your organization have a large backlog of paper documents and not the technology or human resources to make this happen? Our Document Digitization Service is then the ideal solution to you document management challenge.

Think! Data Services deploys a variety of document scanners for digitizing standard (A4) and exemption documents (A3, ID cards, books, etc.). We offer our document digitization services in combination with the Open Bee document management solution and Alaris Kodak document imaging scanners.

A small investment that can result in huge benefits…

  • Free your organization of paper backlog that takes up physical space
  • Professionalize by digitizing documents to improve information management processes
  • Save up valuable time of your staff by making documents readily available and manageable
  • Store important documents digitally in a highly secured location, invulnerable to theft and fire

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