From data chaos to information management: intelligent document capture and management solutions

Today, 90% of business data is unstructured…and growing.



How can we help to get the most out of your organizations information flows?

                                                                   Document Capture Solutions

Document Imaging technologiesKodak Alaris is a global leader in document capture solutions. Alaris develops smart document capture solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

Think Data Services is a Premium Partner of Kodak Alaris. We combine our own experience and skills in document capture and form processing with Kodak Alaris’ technologies and expertise, not only in hardware but more and more in relation to intelligent data capture software and information management solutions.

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Document Management Solutions

Open Bee is a new generation document management system. The solution is easy to use and has a great look and feel. Many reputable organizations over the world are already using Open Bee for secured document management.

Think! Data Services represents Open Bee Document Management Solutions in West Africa. Open Bee is your solution for storing, organizing and sharing your organizations’ documents.

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