Powerful OMR & Imaging scanners for your automated testing and assessment applications

www.scantron.comTHINK! Data Services is the official Scantron Corp. US distributor for West Africa. In the past 7 years we have sold Scantron’s OMR & Imaging scanners in almost all of the West African countries, and beyond. In addition to Scantron hardware, Think Data Services designs software applications for form processing and data analysis. We specialize in exam marking and quality assessment software for educational institutions and farmer assessment software for certified (smallholder) farmer groups.

Our solutions typically comprise out of the following components:

  • OMR form design,
  • software development (custom) for form processing and data analysis,
  • user training,
  • product maintenance,
  • tech support.

Below a selection of Scantron’s OMR & Imaging scanners.

Scantron OMR &  Imaging scanners


Below a selection of Scantron OMR & Imaging scanners. Visit www.scantron.com for more models and information or contact one of our reps for a live demonstration or a quote.

data capture scanner

The iNSIGHT700c is Scantron’s newest model. This powerful high-performance Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Imaging scanner can scan OMR and color images at a single pass.

Captures pencil or ink OMR marks, barcodes, handprint, images (complete form or image snippets such as comment clips, handwritten responses, student pictures, thumbprints, and much more) at a rate of 6,600 sheets an hour.

iNSIGHT700C introduction video

iNSIGHT 700c DataSheet

Data capture scanner

The iNSIGHT 4ES Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Imaging scanner is one of the most versatile and efficient desktop scanners available for automated data collection. This dynamic scanner can meet all your data collection needs today and in the near future. The iNSIGHT 4ES accurately scans an OMR form for written pencil and pen mark – such as bubbles, check marks and tick marks – and bar codes, giving the most precise and effective data available. It can capture full page images or image clips of text area’s or text boxes such as essay responses or comment fields on a survey and through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) it can also capture and convert written information into digital information, such as personal details.

iNSIGHT 4ES datasheet

Data capture scanner

The Opscan4ES  is a medium-volume Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanner and ideal for educational institutions that an affordable OMR-scanner that can scan OMR-sheet fast and accurately. It’s a very robust model with the same exterior as the iNSIGHT4ES.

The scanner has a form throughput rate of up to 2,800 sheets per hour and a fixed, automatic feed hopper holds 100 sheets.

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Product video

Scantron self score machineScoring tests and tallying surveys and ballots was never easier. The powerful Scantron Score helps you process common or standardized tests and assessments quickly and easily.

With the Scantron Score, you can accurately score up to 40 tests per minute, then immediately see how students performed on the test. Ideal for classroom and training environments.

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The OPSCAN16 Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanner, Scantron’s fastest ‘OMR only’ scanner with a sheet throughput of 10,800 sheets and hour.

It has an open feed bed design, making it easy to clear obstructions and to clean. A transport printer can be added (optional) for example to print serial numbers or scores, without slowing down the scanning process.

OpScan16 Data sheet

The iNSIGHT150 is currently the fastest high-quality OMR scanner in the global market. The iNSIGHT150 stands for reliability, velocity and robustness, all in one model. The iNSIGHT150 is already being used by many Ministries of Education in the world for their national assessment and testing. Over time, the model has undergone many improvements to ensure its ahead of competition.

Unique is the speed (15,000 per hour). In a single pass, the iNSIGHT150 can capture OMR data, barcodes, high resolution images and print scores or serial numbers.

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Mid 2018 Scantron released its latest scanner model; the iNSIGHT™ 1500c. Building
on the reliability of the iNSIGHT™ 150 scanner, this newer model has the added feature of dual-sided full color scanning of 240 dpi images at 15,000 sheets per hour. This means that, unlike the iNSIGHT 150 scanner, the iNSIGHT 1500c does not have a low speed mode when capturing images; it is able to capture high resolution full color images at a high speed. This is eight times the amount of information captured by the iNSIGHT 150. The iNSIGHT1500c could be the ideal production scanner for your e-marking project or national examination where fast and accurate capturing of essays and answers sheets is essential.

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The new EZData Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanner from Scantron is designed for low-volume data collection projects that require accurate results, immediate feedback and cost effective processing.

When space is at a premium, the small scanner (size 5,5 × 5,5 inches) offers portability and overall convenience. EZData is ideal for applications such as: classroom testing, course evaluations, monitoring & evaluation surveys, customer satisfactions surveys and quality inspections.

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Scantron Assessment Solutions


In addition to OMR & Imaging scanners, form processing software, and form printing services, Scantron also provides assessment services, ranging from high-stake testing to practice tests with the help of experienced professionals and innovative assessment software.

Example area’s:

  • Expert assessments
  • Higher educational assessments
  • Certification and Licensure
  • Assessment Development & Psychometrics
  • Development of corporate/ organizational assessment programs

Case study: item development workshop for educators


In 2017, Think! Data Services and Scantron organized an ‘Item Development Workshop’ for educational professionals in Ghana. Aim of the workshop was to provide a solid basic knowledge about item development in testing and assessments in education. We hosted a diverse and enthusiastic group of educators at University of Ghana campus in the capital Accra. In 2019 a follow-up workshop is planned to dive deeper into the theory of assessment development and psychometrics.

Interested in joining us at the workshop or want to make sure your seat is reserved? You can already register by filling out a contact form.

Item development workshopitem development workshop Accra