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THINK! Data Services Ltd is a Ghanaian registered enterprise that offers full-service data collection and information management solutions. Our core technology solutions are: data collection solutions, data processing and reporting solutions and document management solutions. With over 6 years’ experience in the IT sector in West Africa, Think Data Services has all the required software, hardware and expertise to assist organizations with the professionalization of their data driven processes.

We work with a team of qualified professionals who are passionate about data and technology. We also work with several (inter-) national consultants who are experts in specific areas, for example for our field data collection services.

We have a strong focus on projects aiming at social, economic and environmental sustainability. Our Edumetric and AuditAide solutions are a product of our social mission to make data collection and data processing solutions affordable for small organizations and institutions. We also organize workshops from time to time with the aim to transfer knowledge and strengthen skills within the institutions we work with.

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Brenda Bijen is a Co-founder and Managing Director of THINK! Data Services. She established the company in 2013 with the objective to design an affordable data solution for certification programs of farmers’ organisations. After the AuditAide software was successfully tested, she created a methodology for the farmer groups with guidelines how to implement the new technology and professionalize their whole Internal Management system of their certification program without making huge investments.

In the past 5 years Brenda has spearheaded the addition of other high-end data collection, data processing and document management solutions to THINK! Data Services’ product and services portfolio. THINK! now offers full service solutions to assist customers with professionalizing their data-driven processes.

Brenda’s areas of expertise are: Optical Mark Recognition technology for testing and assessment solutions, survey development, organizational-wide implementation of mobile data collection solutions, development of form processing applications.

Brenda is also a Board Member of the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) bringing together Ghanaian and Dutch businesses and professionals.

Linda Buame joined the THINK! Data Team mid-2015 as a Data Impact Coordinator.

She’s our expert in the Poimapper and Akvo mobile data collection tools and offers tech support and training to our customers. She’s also responsible for our field data collection activities throughout the country.

Linda’s areas of expertise are: mobile data collection, survey design, data analysis and report writing.


















Keli Kumassah is our Technology Solutions Expert. He knows all the technical ins and outs of our Document Management Solutions and OMR & Imaging solutions. He’s also responsible for on-site implementation of the solutions, user training and in close collaboration with our Partners – Open Bee, Scantron and Alaris Kodak – he offers 1st line tech-support.

If you are interested in a (online) demo on one of our solutions, Keli is the right person to talk to.

Ignatius Agyeman Pambour joined the THINK! Data Team in 2017 as a Data Solutions Marketeer. He is our top sales person and unique in its own way: always committed finding the best possible solution for our customers.

Next to a bilingual university degree in fundamental public administration law, Ignatius pursued his passion to as well acquire a professional UK-standard edification in broadcast journalism, communication and tele-marketing.

Over the past ten (10) years he has progressively stepped up his aptitude in corporate communication and marketing administration in diverse organizations with his bilingual drive.

THINK! tends to offer a tremendous stimulating occasion for advancement in terms of proficiency in business development and provision of results and solutions to varied enterprises.

Ignatius believes in reaching goals by all possible and legitimate means; now or soon, and not assenting to say ‘never possible’.

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