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Realize efficient work processes with a managed document capture solution

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Intelligent capture solutions

In the current economic environment, organizations need to be agile and efficient in order to remain competitive. Digitization of work processes is therefore a crucial element of the digital transformation strategy of many organizations. Do you know the best digital strategy for your organization? Are you aware of all the advantages and opportunities of a document capture solution? Let us do the math for you.


Contact us for a free consultation how a document capture solution can improve your work processes and safe money.


The ever-increasing flood of data, and how we manage it, is one of the greatest opportunities facing businesses and governments in the 21st century. Kodak Alaris works with organisations from small offices to global enterprises, bringing together the best science, technology and partnerships so its clients can stay ahead of the curve.

Kodak Alaris (Alaris) is a leading provider of information capture solutions. Their impressive award-winning document scanner portfolio in combination with their document scanning software solutions, can take care of all your document management challenges.

Alaris works with an expanding network of Partners, such as Think! Data Services (TDS), for the sales of their products. Besides sales, Think! Data also offers technical support by means of maintenance contracts and repair services.

Below a selection of Kodak Alaris document scanners available through our sales office.

Capture Pro software

Capture Pro is an advanced document capture solution that easily integrates with your business environment and can centrally manage multiple workstations.

Capture Pro helps you quickly convert batches of paper documents into information you can use.

  • Intelligent Job Select takes advantage of specific patch code separator sheets to automate job switching and profiles.

  • Supports searchable PDF, PDF-A, PDF/A-3, compressed color PDF, PDF bookmarks, fast Web view, and others.

  • Scan once and get color/bitonal or grayscale/bitonal images.

  • Enhance OCR from black-and-white images while retaining color images for archiving


Users can extend the capabilities of document scanning with Kodak Info Input Solution v6.


This web-based and mobile application enables faster capture and access to information at the office or remotely.


Info Input Solution now offers advanced document classification and separation, which reduces the need for document preparation. 

When purchasing Info Input Solution, customers can now choose what cloud engine to use for data extraction and indexing: Google Vision AI, Amazon Recognition, or Microsoft Azure AI.

The cloud engines use optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) to capture and translate handwritten characters on structured forms.

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Managed Content Services

We offer Managed Content Services to organizations that need support in managing that scanner fleet and document flow.

Large-format scanning solutions


With the Colortrac large-format scanners you can digitize large documents, drawing and art works.

Originally established for the oil  exploration industry in 1989, Colortrac scanners are used by professionals in area’s such as:

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

  • Architects.

  • Engineers and CAD Operators.

  • Graphic designers.

  • Archivists.

  • and other professionals that work with large files.

Think! Data Services is a ColorTrac Distributor for West Africa. We supply ColorTrac’s large-format scanning solutions to clients and offer maintenance and repair services.

In Ghana and Nigeria we also offer large-format scanning services, on-site of the client or at our office in Accra or Lagos.

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